2017 – Vienna Epidemic

This was a board game based on Risk that turned into a co-op zombie fighting game based around the early world wars. I worked on the graphic design side of things helping create the board, card layout, and more. Here is a quick example of some of my work created in Photoshop & Illustrator.

Concept art for the board cover was later replaced
logo examples include arms, flags, bones etc
Some logo concepts
different logo ideas
Some very early logo concepts
another box cover idea
A very early board cover concept art piece I created
The printed prototype

2017 – Save Atlantis

Save Atlantis is a simple printable card made in just a few hours. I created the main character art for it.

I really love working on card games! I and two other friends sat down and decided to make a small card game over the weekend. I think it turned out very cute. I did a lot of the art but worked with another graphic designer to figure out the layout and icon symbols. She also created the logo. In the end, most of the time was spent on play-testing, and my art was quickly slapped on towards the end. I also helped with the symbol icons’ beginning shape, but the graphic designer created the final design

sea monsters

2018-2019 – Maisie – Illustrated Book

Maisie is a book about a dog having fun and enjoying being with family, the dog talks about her daily life and best friend.

This was my first book commission. The book is available now on Amazon if you want to see more.

This was definitely a learning experience, I had never worked on such a large art project before. I learned about the process of printing and testing printed books and generally how long it takes me to create art 😅

I went through two different book publishers to create a soft and hardback copy -the hardback version is on special request so reach out to learn more.

Available on Amazon today.

2019 – George & Maybe Illustrated Book

George and Maybe is a book about a cat opening up to a family and finding a new home.

This is a book I illustrated for a client, you can see some sample illustrations below. It’s also available online here.

2020 – Friend of The Rodent Kickstarter

Friend of the Rodent is a Kickstarter for T-shirts I illustrated.

I just wanted to challenge myself and create a Kickstarter in a month, even if it wasn’t amazing art I wanted the experience of putting my work out there and I was happy to say my Kickstarter was funded much faster than I expected – 24 hours! Don’t worry about being perfect, just try and challenge yourself and be willing to learn.

I just wanted to be able to say I could do it and I did. You can check out the page below. I aim to do another Kickstarter in the future.

Tools used: Clip Studio Paint/Photoshop…

Close up of Space Chiller
Ninja Hamster
Close up of Ninja Hamster
Moon Fairy Chinchilla
Close up of Moon Chiller
Examples with shirts
Some T-Shirt examples
Sleeve Friends Mock-Up
More cute T-shirt examples

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