Ashley Hooper

Creative Technologist – Working on the future

What I do

I Help My Clients Explore New Tech!

Fun design 🌸

I design for all types of tech – XR, Web, Games, Mobile and More!


With a background in computer science I’m happy to talk about tech


With a background in art I help you envision new ideas with an artistic eye


About me

Curiosity killed the cat but contentment brought it back

Always exploring ideas and dreams, I started out as an illustrator creating monsters and mayhem


When I was younger I thought about being an animator and took 3 years of animation. I found games more fun to make in the end but that didn’t stop me from publishing illustrated 3 books on Amazon.

Game Design

Throughout middle school & high school I would program games and create the 1st drawing battle system in 2005. I also would enter a lot of game creation competitions.

Bert my cat

Bert, my cat – example of past illustration work

someone exploring the Unreal Garden

The story continues…

Games & XR

I would continue to explore a world of games and experiences creating a game played by hand sensors, helped create an indie game, and eventually ended up in the XR space creating VR & AR for live events.


Game Projects

Years Experience

I’m a Team Player

“Multi-talented and highly motivated! Knowledgeable in both design and tech related topics, Ashley is great at cross-departmental collaboration and team projects. She isn’t afraid to take on new challenges and asks for help when she needs it. She is also great at breaking down tasks and coordinating with stakeholders. Ashley would be a great addition to any team.”


From LinkedIn

“ Ashley is one of the most talented people I have had the opportunity to work with. I had the pleasure of working with her across several XR projects, and was always amazed at her dedication and skill. I was deeply impressed by Ashley’s ability to juggle multiple projects while still delivering standout results.”


From LinkedIn

“Ashley has been great to work with. She has a lot of passion for video game development and has an interest and drive to learn all aspects involved in the field. She is an asset to any team. ”


From LinkedIn

Some jewelry I created and rendered out long ago from Blender

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