2020 – Friend of The Rodent Kickstarter

Friend of the Rodent is a Kickstarter for T-shirts I illustrated.

I just wanted to challenge myself and create a Kickstarter in a month, even if it wasn’t amazing art I wanted the experience of putting my work out there and I was happy to say my Kickstarter was funded much faster than I expected – 24 hours! Don’t worry about being perfect, just try and challenge yourself and be willing to learn.

I just wanted to be able to say I could do it and I did. You can check out the page below. I aim to do another Kickstarter in the future.

Tools used: Clip Studio Paint/Photoshop…

Close up of Space Chiller
Ninja Hamster
Close up of Ninja Hamster
Moon Fairy Chinchilla
Close up of Moon Chiller
Examples with shirts
Some T-Shirt examples
Sleeve Friends Mock-Up
More cute T-shirt examples

Ashley Hooper