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Other projects I have worked on

Picture of playing the game

2019 – Chinchillas & Castles

Chinchillas & Castles is a 15-minute tabletop roleplaying game featuring drawing out equipment for your chinchilla while going on adventures. I did minor stuff like creating the art and helping with formatting. Formatting means finding emojis and (It’s just Google emoji font – Noto) helping with refining and playtesting.

Cards for Vienna Epidemic

2017 – Vienna Epidemic

This was a board game based on Risk that turned into a co-op zombie fighting game based around the early world wars. I worked on the graphic design side of things helping create the board, card layout, and more. Here is a quick example of some of my work created in Photoshop & Illustrator.

2017 – Save Atlantis

2017 – Save Atlantis

Save Atlantis is a simple printable card made in just a few hours. I created the main character art for it. I really love working on card games! I and two other friends sat down and decided to make a small card game over the weekend. I think it turned out very cute. I did […]

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