2015 – The Maze

The Maze is a game played with hand sensors (Leap Motion) so no controller or keyboard is required. This was my first and best solo game jam. I programmed and modeled a short game in a month (November) and learned a lot on the way.

Skills: Unity /C# Developer /XR3D Modeling

I just sat down and entered my first game jam. I worked by myself on an AR game using leap motion. I wanted it to feel artistic and created a fake shader on the camera itself so I rendered everything wobbly.

Get the key screenshot

This game requires leap motion to play.

Anyway, I learned a lot, I setup maze generation, did some 3D modeling, and tried to work out mirror reflections with the renderer but only had it halfway mirror :/ I realized you could use the split mirror to sorta see around the level and decided to leave it, so on certain walls you can see other parts of the level. I didn’t have time to make it more spooky as figuring out the XR stuff was a huge pain. I think it turned out pretty well considering my timeframe.

Oh, and your hands control the lights in the game so you’ll want to keep them up so you can see what you are doing.

Spooky reflections
Maze Generation
Ashley Hooper