2014 – OmegaTech

Omegatech was a Mobile shoot-em-up action RPG of Cats in Mechas fighting against an interplanetary invasion.

I was a level scripter on this project and helped to create levels. I volunteered to work with this group over the summer. I learned new tools, team building, and new source control tools (Tortoise SVN, and Sourcetree) .

Skills: Unity /C# Developer /Special EffectsLevel Scripter

I used Playmaker and C# in Unity to create different triggers and animate effects.

Some stuff I did:

  • Triggered enemies to spawn, bridges to move
  • Created particle effects that responded to how close you were
  • Created a lot of animation and animation triggers through code (rotate parts of a model etc)
Attack the enemy screenshot
Attacking an enemy
Playmaker screenshot
An example of Playmaker in use
Script example
Some animation script examples
The last update I know of the project
Ashley Hooper