Kova (2018)

Skills: Unity /C# Developer /AI /UI

I had a contract role for a few months helping to develop different systems for Kova. Some of the systems I worked on included:

  • I worked on the enemy AI, creating their behavior and movement: Drones, pirates, flying bugs, rats, cyberpunks, Cicadalyte, Sandburster, etc
  • Various menu screens such as Map screen (with fog of war), Inventory screen, Log book, Ability Screen… Lots of UI setup and implementation
  • Puzzle setup – I helped setup puzzles and ensured they were functional
  • Mission setup – I helped setup varies missions
  • HUD such as weapon selection and crafting, and HP/Energy bars etc, mini map.
  • I helped setup some things on the game weapons: Shotgun, beams, Flamethrower, etc.
  • I helped the team learn about scriptable objects and better ways to handle save data with Json.
Talking to others
Example of status check for Ammo, health etc
Taking damage from a fall
Menu screen
Select a weapon

After I left they decided to go in a multiplayer direction so it changed a lot, but you can see how it looks below.

Ashley Hooper