2020 – Voice Of The Forest

Guess who is popular 🙂

Voice of the Forest is a simple game about planting seeds and growing a forest without letting your plants die from lack of nutrition. Work together with nature to improve your forest and grow strong.

Hey, in late December I decided to join a game jam. I joined a team and I worked as a technical artist, special effect artist, and general developer to help fill in the blanks for the team. I created a few particle effects, shaders and setup some of the UI in the game. I worked with another developer to fill in where I could and I worked with the artists helping them get their art into the game. I showed our UI/UX designer how to get his UI into Unity and how to set it up. I recommended a few changes to the UI and UX (Missing states the user would expect) and was overall happy with what our team achieved in such a short amount of time.

Skills: Unity / C# Developer / Special Effects

Scope ~ 1 week – Budget ~ NA – Role ~ UI Dev/ tech artist

Voice Of The Forest Preview Video
Ashley Hooper