2023- Bug Search

A possible client wanted a quick mock-up and demo for an app. I quickly made a mock-up after doing research and testing out a few other apps and looking at UI and UX.

The app would be used so farmers could identify particular pests on their farms.

While the client wanted to use machine learning, I suggested they start with something simple first (mostly because they didn’t have the budget for machine learning) and I found an API that would probably serve their purpose.

They wanted AR for this project too but I didn’t think it made much difference but it was an easy enough feature to ass down the road.

A mock-up like this doesn’t take long to create most of my time went to researching really – you can see how my thinking changed between frame 2-3

I had someone make a quick mock-up with the API I set up and gave them a key for. Took them about an hour so no trouble but you can see how simple something to make. The client didn’t get funding in the end but you can see it would be quick to set up a simple version, they wanted 3D models of every bug and all these additional things but I don’t think people realize how expensive that can become…

If the video isn’t showing for you, it’s because YouTube Shorts are still buggy on WP, here is a link you can use instead.

Ashley Hooper