2018-2020 – Sakeworld

Sakeworld is a retro sidescrolling beat ’em up game made for mobile devices with some consoles. You can check it out here.

I worked as a designer so I helped set up designs for enemies, and worked on game balance. I also did a lot of art mock-ups, helped with minor art setup, and fixed some things like adding characters to the font that didn’t exist (I just created them by hand what I thought would fit best with the font).

I mainly just worked in spreadsheets and Google Docs but I did help with some minor art things.

Being attacked by green goo

For things like the different balloon effects, I decided I should also create a 4 piece animation for this as well (popping animation), though, it may have been a little smoother with a 6-8 frame animation, the small screen size makes it not very noticeable, so this works fine for the size I’m working with (this was before they moved to consoles).

Here are some example documents and templates I created to help the game stay more organized (this changed more later on but it shows some of the thinking involved with the game…

I also would create a lot of quick mock-up art to show what direction to move things in.

Boss Template Example
Example of update docs I would send out
Mock-up ideas on how the space ship could enter the scene

I did not stay with the team as I eventually moved on to other work that paid better but It’s nice to see the final output is available now.

Ashley Hooper